Monday, August 22, 2016

The Days Before Diving In

These are the last days before diving in.
in a week, the 29th of august to be exact, I will be arriving at United World Colleges of the Adriatic.
after seeing this amazing opportunity almost slipping through my fingers not once, but twice, after going through a 3 step, hard and stressful selection progress, and after going through 6 meetings, a field trip and a seminar of preparation along with my Israeli co years, I am finally here. finally ready to take the plane from Tel Aviv to Rome, and then to Trieste.
For the next two years, this lovely town named Duino is what I'll be calling home:

This summer has been absolutely insane.
Running from buying things to pack, to saying goodbye to friends, to applying for a visa and a lot more, left me without a memory of what free time feels like.
I'm going to be the only Israeli in my generation, but luckily I have a supporting family, super loving friends, amazing co years and very kind secondi who all make me feel a lot more secure.

I will miss walking through the streets of my hometown, whom I know like the back to my hand.
After 16 years of living here, It's hard to imagine calling anywhere else home.
But some chanced you just have to take, and I truly believe that UWC is worth the risk.
as cliche as it sounds, this school is a dream of mine, the only long term plan I've ever had, and a door to so many experiences and opportunities.

Right now, I'm mostly confused and full of questions:
who are my roommates? what subjects should I take? will I gwt along with the people? Is my English good enough? what to pack? and the list goes on to infinity.

"I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone... nothing you can say can stop me going home"    -Famous Last Words, My Chemical Romance
 Lots of love,